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three steps to finding love

I help clients connect with new and improved lives in three ways:

1. Connect with who you are

  • Let go of the past with tools to help you release emotional baggage, overcome your patterns and be happier now
  • Recognize who you are at your best, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and create a dating strategy that sets you up for moments where you naturally shine.
  • Look at what’s rocking in other parts of your life and what steps to take to improve those areas that need work
  • Dive into your beliefs about yourself, about others and about relationships and replace those that may be sabotaging you with better ones

2. Connect with your relationship goals

  • Learn from  previous relationships what works for you and what doesn’t to determine what is essential for you in a partner now 
  • Develop clear criteria that connects you to more the right types of people and fewer of the wrong 
  • Expand the number of potential partners available to you both online and in real life
  • Slow down to ensure your head, heart and hormones are equally in alignment when determining if a potential partner really is worth committing to

3. Connect with others

  • Understand how men and women experience dating and attraction in different ways and recognize those behaviors that are hindering your success with the opposite sex
  • Overcome dating anxiety; learn how to develop rapport on dates and heighten chemistry with the people you are attracted to
  • Create fun, memorable dates that leave every person you interact with better for having met you whether they are the person for them or not

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