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Do any of the following sound familiar:

  • Everyone says you should get back in the game but you can’t stop thinking about your ex. Everything in your life reminds you of them and it’s killing you. It’s over, so why can’t you let them go? 

  • The last time you dated, you were younger and meeting people was easy. Now everyone is online and no one seems to have any level of commitment to dating at all. You’d love to ditch it all and meet more people in real life but where are they?

  • Since the big break up, you’re heart has been kicked around like a soccer ball. You’ve heard of rebounding but there is only so much rejection and confusion one person can take.

  • You lost your sense of self and possibly your social support network when your last relationship ended. You might not be clear about who you are but one thing you are certain of is that you are lonely – deeply, horribly lonely.

I help people in all stages of healing and dating after a long-term relationship.

Most of my clients are professional men and women who have been single for anywhere between one month to five years after a divorce, separation or breakup of a long-term relationship.

Some are new to dating, others have been at it for a while. All value personal growth, authentic connections and being true to who they are in their relationships with others. 

But, I’m not for everyone.

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My approach works best with people who agree with the following perspectives:  

  1. You can’t change other people (although you can change your perspective on them). You can only change yourself. 
  1. You can take concrete, practical steps to create more joy, connection, and chemistry with yourself and with other people and with life in general. Your beliefs, thoughts, and actions influence your results. 
  1. Your love life doesn’t happen in a bubble. Sometimes you need to work on one area to see results in another.
  1. To succeed with the opposite sex, it helps to understand the opposite sex and have compassion and respect for their experiences, as well as your own.  
  1. Love attracts love. Love yourself, love your life, love and accept other people for who they are and you will attract others who love and accept you.

Sound like you?

Learn more about how I work.  

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