The Love Life Reboot: Get the love life you want in 16 weeks

So here you are. Single again….

does your love life need a reboot

And it sucks.

Because you’re ready—ready to move on, to find the right person, ready to the jump into your own version of happily ever after. 

But where is your match?

You’ve tried everything.

You’ve tried apps and online dating sites. Oh God! The stories you could tell about the people you’ve met online – the weirdos, and the angry people, and the clingy people and the creeps. 

You’ve tried meeting people offline in bars (You’re too old for this shit!), and at speed dating events  (never again) and maybe even a singles dance or two (You’re not that old!).

You’ve listened to podcasts and watched videos and maybe read a book or two but the methods and systems and rules were just so friggin’ complicated.

And that, my friend, is the problem. 

throwing shit at the fan

Trying everything is the equivalent of throwing shit at the fan and seeing what sticks.
Inevitably what sticks is, to put it delicately, shit.

And, then, when you do meet a good one and have what you thought was a good date, they vanish, poof, disappear, never to be seen again!

Or, you get more dates and along with them your hopes up, only to have them crushed when they unexpectedly put you in the friend zone. 

And so you end up attracting the wrong people, losing the right people, and ultimately bitter, exhausted and emotionally depleted (three traits that no one said they were looking for in a partner ever).

Here’s why your efforts aren’t working.

Your current operating system is messing with your results.

In the words of an old country song, you’ve been “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” What you are actually seeking, craving, and needing doesn’t exist outside of you. It exists within you. And your beliefs are fucking you over by making you think that it doesn’t. 

Yah. Yah. Love yourself. You’ve heard it before.

But, I’m not just talking about an “I’m-a-catch-because-I-have-a-job-and-a-home-and-look-pretty-good-for-my-age” level of self-love (although those are all things you should be proud of.)

I’m talking about an inner calm and certainty in yourself so strong it spills over unto those around you, and inevitably attracts the very person you are seeking to you.

But confidence alone isn’t going to do shit if you don’t have the skills to back it up.

You need to understand the gender you are trying to attract and to know how to develop rapport and make them feel comfortable and confident with you online and off. 

You need to leave a great impression by creating memorable experiences with your dates (whether they asked you out or the other way around) so that they want to see you again. And if they aren’t the person for you, you need to practice good karma by being kind and setting good boundaries.

Throughout, you need a mindset that will serve you as you go through the “getting to know you” phase with anyone so that you remain objective, calm, cool and collected even when your hormones are raging.

In short, you need programs that serve you.

reboot your love life

What if you could start over, control-alt-delete your love life and reboot with a system that actually works?


“June has had a ton of experience dating and has many valuable insights to share. She understands that dating, no matter how old or inexperienced you are, is not about tactics to attract the right person but about being comfortable and confident with who you are. She made me feel that I can do this dating thing and have fun doing it. 

If you’re getting back into dating and would love some support, I can’t recommend June enough!”

– Lynn Crymble
Former client, now in a happy relationship


June Morrow dating's changed coming out of the storm

What do I know about starting over? 

For a long time I dated people who were definitely not the best people for me. I’m talking people with anger management issues, emotionally abusive people, and people whose definition of ambition was rolling a fatty the night before so they’d have something to smoke the following morning. 

I married my first husband because I thought that’s what people did – even though we had vastly different ideas about our futures. I married my second because I couldn’t think of a reason not to. I honestly didn’t think I could do any better.

I may have two university degrees and a college diploma but when it came to relationships, I seriously needed some schooling. And so, after my second divorce, at the age of 43 – after one heartbreak, one lackluster date, and one lonely weekend binge-watching Netflix and hating my life too many –  I decided to get some.

I turned to dating experts, and coaches, and gurus and took their advice out for test runs on over 100 dates in one year to see what worked and what didn’t. As a result, I started having more fun, not just on dates but in life.

And, I started to attract a different caliber of people: attractive, emotionally available, intelligent, interesting people—people who I wanted to see again and, importantly, who wanted to see me.

Once I decided once and for all that I wouldn’t settle for less than what I really needed in a partner, fully believed they existed and would want me in return, and began to take a systematic approach to finding them, they showed up.

This is what I want for you.

And this is what the Love Life Reboot program is about.

It’s about getting your love life to a point where you control it rather it controlling you, and it’s about putting yourself first on the path to the person of your dreams, and it’s about expediting the process so you don’t have to go on 100 dates. 

In the words of another cheesy, old song “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” If you’re ready to give it to yourself and others, I’d love to see you there.




“June’s insights are pure gold!

I feel like I’ve earned a college diploma in how to better understand women and be
an effective communicator. 10/10!”
– Brian Moran

Participant in June’s workshop Decoding the Opposite Sex.
Now dating more confidently.


power button to reboot your love life

The Love Life Reboot:
16 weeks to completely reinvent your love life 

You wouldn’t expect to have the career of your dreams without first learning new knowledge and skills and practicing them. 

If you want an incredible love life – one where you date with confidence, clarity and ease and meet more of the right types and fewer of the wrong  – it works in much the same way.You start with the foundations and then, based on those, develop more complex skills.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Weeks 1 and 2: Discover your dating superpowers

  • Learn how others perceive you, appreciate your innate gifts to the world; who you are at your best, and what makes you irresistible to others

Weeks 3 and 4: Get clear on who and what you want

  • Get clear on what your ideal relationship looks like and outline your ideal mate
  • Learn how you might be sabotaging yourself by wanting too little or too much

Week 5 and 6: Upgrade your operating system

  • Discover your relationship patterns and how to break them
  • Set healthy boundaries that attract more of the people you want and less of the people you don’t.

Week 7 and 8: Let go of past programming

  • Let go of the past hurts, carve space and time for the new in your life
  • Learn how your environment may be blocking you and what to do about it

Week 9 and 10: Activate your GPS so they will find you!

  • Discover what makes you come alive! Excavate your passions and pinpoint the locations of potential partners
  • Commit to living a life that kicks ass now

Week 11 and 12: Decode the person you are trying to attract

  • Understand the difference between how men and women experience attraction differently
  • Learn how to flirt and make conversation with strangers
  • Stop hiding, and get proven tools to overcome anxiety and nervousness

Week 13 and 14: Make an authentic connection

  • Navigate online dating with ease, get better responses, and get offline faster
  • Learn how to develop rapport in person and create incredible dates
  • Never play the texting guessing game again

Week 15 and 16: You 2.0

  • Navigate this brave new world and stay accountable as you move forward
  • How to know when to commit to someone and what comes next?

“If you want to come first in someone else’s life, start by putting yourself first in your own.”

– June Morrow, Love Life Reboot facilitator and coach

This program is right for you if:

  • What you have been doing isn’t working and you want someone to guide you step-by-step through the things that do
  • You accept that your thoughts, beliefs, and actions create the results you get in your life and are ready to take responsibility for creating new results
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone with a support system cheering you on
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and make your love life a priority starting by experiencing a healthy, fun and loving relationship with yourself
  • You want to connect with others in similar situations and are open to hearing the experiences of the opposite sex in a safe, respectful manner
  • You have approximately 120 minutes each week to attend coaching sessions and complete assignments
  • You work well in structured systems where you are accountable to others

This program is not right for you if:

  • Experiencing a healthy, fun and loving relationship with yourself and others isn’t a priority in your life right now
  • You aren’t willing to try new things, step out of your comfort zone, and let go of old ideas and patterns that are no longer serving you
  • You actually enjoy having a suck-ass love life because it helps you fit in with others who have suck-ass love lives or gives you some other sort of perverse thrill
  • You think self-reflection and personal development is for losers and/or prefer being a lone wolf
  • You don’t do well with structured systems or with group accountability
  • You believe that men or women are evil, out to hurt you, or the world would be better off without them – sorry, can’t help you here other than to say “And that’s why you are single.”

what your program includes

What your Love Life Reboot program includes:

Exclusive videos, workbooks and resources on each topic, delivered to your inbox each week.  

Weekly assignment to put what you are learning into practice in the real world.

Group coaching calls (by teleconference) every second Thursday evening and access to the coaching call recordings for four months.

The opportunity to partner with someone in the group to stay accountable through weekly contact.

Answers to your questions posted anonymously each week on the group’s web page.

Expert advice from a breakup coach, a mindfulness coach, and an image coach through the weekly videos.

One one-on-one 90 minute video coaching call with June with a follow-up written report.

Access to the Dating’s Changed Facebook page for ongoing inspiration and support.

A 30 percent discount on private coaching packages should you need additional support. 


“I loved June’s enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, and knowledge.

It’s less scary now to strike up conversations with strangers.
I really feel that I can apply what she taught.”

– Maria Slice, participant in June’s workshop How to Click with Anyone 

holding hands in blue and pink

Get it right this time!

Your love life deserves a proven, focused, systematic plan to get you from where you are now to a relationship with the perfect person for you. 

  • Understand how others perceive you
  • Appreciate your innate strengths, what sets you apart from others and how to leverage this in dating
  • Know how to set and keep healthy boundaries that attract more of the people you want and less of the people you don’t
  • Break unhealthy relationship patterns, overcome hidden beliefs, and stop sabotaging yourself with the people you want to attract
  • Have the insight to leverage the differences between men and women, confidently approach people, flirt with them, and have meaningful conversations that actually lead somewhere
  • Navigate online and in-person encounters with calm and ease
  • Connect with who you truly are; experience more fun, passion and excitement in your life; be the person you are meant to be
  • Have confidence in who you are and what you bring to a relationship
  • Look forward to and enjoy dating again!
  • Break out of your comfort zone and get on the path to the person of their dreams

Cost is $197 per month over four months or $750 if paid in advance.

Next session starts January 2019

Registration opens November 2018.  Spots are limited.

Get on the wait list to have the love life of your dreams

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